IglooNation Tech is a techartisty development and consulting firm where ideas fuse with artistry and innovation.

Our Why

We believe genius and greatness is equally distributed, but access to attain and accomplish our full potential is not.

Using art and technology as our voice to annihilate barriers of inequity and inequality, we focus our creative, problem-solving and solution-oriented minds to transform the lives.

Our How

We  Equip... individuals with tools for them to succeed and flourish

We Engage..to understand their how, when, where, why and what

We Empower...to achieve and fulfill their vision and potential

Who We Are

We are techartists, a collective of creative, talented, analytical and divergent individuals and thinkers, joining forces to positively impact our world. Channeling our service for others, through meaningful and innovative works.

We are the original and forever liberated - Kool Kidz.


IglooNation Tech's vision to be a haven where ideas fuse business, artistry and innovation to transform lives.


IglooNation Tech's mission is to positively transform the world by equipping, engaging and empowering individuals to achieve and live their PuRPOSE.

Founder's Motivation

Raised in New Orleans public housing, headed by a single mother, our founder, Jasmine Monquie Lewis, experienced the dearth of access and resources accompanied with poverty. With immense fortitude, perseverance and motivation, to annihilate barriers of inequity and inequality, she envisioned fusing business, art and technology to positively change our world.

Techartistry Services

WordPress Design

Social Media

Web Application

Connect & Communicate

Communicate with IglooNation Tech so we can provide you website design, development or social media services.

Connect with us to learn how we can transform your brand so you can captivate your audience.

Techartistry @ Work

Developing software is both an art and a science. One cannot flourish without the other. At IglooNation
Tech, we do not view technology as a mean to an end.

To us, a computer screen’s the canvas, a keyboard’s the brush and our code’s the paint. We don't only
code, we compose technological symphonies.