Best Practice Cultural Competence


Best Practice Cultural Competence is an online peer review web application developed for reviewers to assess the teaching practices for healthcare students. The web application is created to address the general question of what are the best evidence-based educational interventions to improve current and future healthcare professionals ability to provide culturally competent healthcare for patients of different aces/ethnicities, origins/ancestries, and cultures. It will be used for the systematic review protocol “Educational Interventions on Culturally Competent Healthcare: A Systematic Review of the Rationale, Content, Teaching Methods, and Measures of Effectiveness”.

For reference of work contact, Dr. Margarita Echeverri @ (504) 520 – 6719.


Before our development of the web based online peer review application, our client's team were using excel to document their responses and each will email their reviews to the team lead. Once received the team lead will compile all data at the end of the week, then redistribute the excel sheets for members to continue to provide their responses.

Our Work

Performed research and development by gathering software requirements and specifications to understand client's needs, designed the User-Interface & User-Experience via Wireframes, and developed client-side and server-side functionality with object-oriented PHP and PDO.


Resulting in a custom Content Management System that automates the process of distributing codes to articles, assigning reviewers to articles, sequencing review process, and calculating the final rating of articles using a Relational Database Management System.

Work [Detail] Descriptions


Using a Scrum Methodology meet with client to identify business needs and solutions
Researched and determined domain hosting that will best fit the application needs


Drafting application requirements,  system instruction manual for users and technical documentation

Client-side Design + Development

Creating Wireframes to communicate user interface
Creating independent and multi-phase forms
Using HTML5, CSS3, frames, and JavaScript for reviewers to easily view and review articles

Server-side Design + Development

Managing all phases of database design & development
Implementing a reviewer portal to simplify creation and management of content
Creating an admin portal to manage reviewers, teams, and articles

Website [Functionality] Results


Home, with a user central login, permits reviewers and admins to login or reset their password by receiving an email with new  credentials.


Reviewers submit articles for review, search any articles, and lastly, examine, analyze, rate and grade assigned articles.


Admins have all features of a Reviewer, management of reviewers, teams and articles, and review progress of articles.


Users can search and view articles' assigned and unique Study Codes, titles and authors.


For each article after Study Inventory, assigned Reviewers must complete each phase of the article review process.


Admins can register, manage, reassign articles, and view teams for reviewers.


Admins can reassign articles to reviewers, view article phase per reviewer, and search and remove duplicate articles.


Using an article dashboard, users can view assigned articles, and blindly submit phase forms.