Shawn “Pepper” Bowen

Shawn “Pepper” Bowen, Culinaria Center Director and Enivormmental, Food and Water, also known as GreenPepper, is a consultant and culinary activist exploring food policy, food systems, and the laws that formulate them. Seeking an effective method to share services, current news and communicate with her audience through blogging and podcasting, the culinary activist requested a fully developed website to meet her needs.


Before our development of the website,, our client did not have any professional web presence for her law firm Shawn "Pepper" Bowen, Esp.


Our Work

Utilizing WordPress CMS installed theme and plugins to build and demonstrate services, news, blogs and podcasts. Incorporating Calendly for visitors to schedule consultations and creative vernacular to communicate brand.


Resulting in a fully design, mobile friendly WordPress website that communicates Pepper Bowen's services and transition from tech industry to Environmental, Food and Water Attorney. Visitors can contact, view latest news, blogs and the GreenPepper podcast.

Website [Screenshot] Results


The Home page introduces Shawn "Pepper" Bowen to visitors in a professional manner showcasing her services and passion for food law with easy navigation and a friendly user-interface.


About conveys Shawn "Pepper" Bowen career timeline, her work as a speaker, consultant & attorney, her values and beliefs, and lastly, why she changed careers from IT to the legal profession.


Services page uses plugins to eloquently showcase the client's specialty in food related businesses, legal focus areas and culinary activism at work.

Culinaria Center

Crafting a page to illustrate the vision, value proposition and policy of the Culinaria Center for Food Law, Policy, and Culture.

Notes (Blog)

Using a blog designer plugin to display client's Notes (blog) in a timeline view.


Using a news plugin to share the current events taking occurring in client's life regrading culinary activism.

GreenPepper (Podcast)

Creating a podcast so Shawn "Pepper" Bowen can continue her noble quest of bringing food to the consciousness of people who eat.


Designing a page to explain to Shawn "Pepper" Bowen's potential clients her process to cure an issue, displaying contact information with form and a Calendly to reserve legal time.