Web Application

Using Scrum SDLC to develop a custom web apps from design to deployment

Idea to Product

We build custom PHP & .NET database-driven web applications. If your business is seeking a custom web application, for example, a learning management system or a social network, our IglooNation Tech’s techartists can bring your idea to a fully functioning product. We deliver to your business product’s MVP, minimum valuable product, with your required specifications.

Technological Symphony

We devout time to understanding the need of your product. We treat the idea and product with delicacy. To us, coding is not only about solving problems. We believe that through technology we can positively impact our world. To us, a computer screen’s the canvas, a keyboard’s the brush and our code’s the paint. We don't only paint with code, we compose technological symphonies.

Software Development Life Cycle

Software Development Life Cycle is a process that produces software, a complex product, through a series of steps. We effectively and efficiently utilize the software development life cycle to ensure the custom web application meets your business needs and demands.

Stage 1: Planning

What do we want?

Stage 2: Analysis

What are the necessary items?

Stage 3: Design

How to map out the requirements?

Stage 4: Implementation

Using the design, build what we want?

Stage 5: Testing & Intergration

Did we get what we want?

Stage 6: Maintenance

Can we improve the product?

We Collaborate & Captivate

We collaborate throughout the development

We plan, design, develop, test and maintain your website.

Connect with us to learn how we can transform your brand so you can captivate your audience.

Frequently Asked Questions

We have received questions and have listed our FAQs.

No problem. That is where IglooNation Tech comes in. We can guide you through the Software Development Life Cycle as our Orchestra [team] collaborate with you to develop your product.

Software development time is contingent on the complexity of the product.

  1. First, we would have to understand what exactly what you need,
  2. Second, outline a plan with requirements
  3. Third, start coding to create a quick prototype of your MVP.