M.A.C.S [book]

Jasmine Monquie Lewis, Writes Silicon Bayou News

Jasmine Monquie Lewis, our founder and guest contributer of Silicon Bayou News, has posted a second blog about regarding mentors in entrepreneurship. As a continuation of the M.A.C.S [book]: Mentors, Advisors, Coaches & Sponsors series, this article discusses how mentors are people just like you and me, although they possess skills, knowledge and resources everyday people may not have access to. Through a parable, Jasmine Monquie demonstrates how sometimes you have to Brush Things Off people say when yout are pursuing endeavours of great magnitude.

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Founder, Jasmine Monquie Lewis, becomes Guest Contributor for Silicon Bayou News

Our founder and techartist visionary, Jasmine Monquie Lewis, is now a Silicon Bayou News’ Guest Column Contributor. Her first blog is titled M.A.C.S [book]: Mentors, Advisors, Coaches & Sponsors – Role, Relevance and Realness. In Chapter 1, Jasmine Monquie defines each role and their role to entrepreneurship and the three C’s, that a relationship must have to be healthy, successful and effective. Each role has a place in your entrepreneurship journey.

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